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In the pages
of a book
a story unfolds.
In fiction,
a truer truth?

A truer truth—while speaking of fiction, a writer said that at a Bookworks author event. I can’t remember who (I’m sorry! We host a lot of you…), but that is why I write, to explore truer truths. And I thank you for lending me those words. I will pass them on.

Yesterday, my debut novel, No More Empty Spaces—untitled for years, then Inundation, then Inundations (which seemed right at first, but then not, but I never found what was just right, and I’m grateful that my publisher did)—was published. This story I have labored over, labored through, played in, played with, and loved, is now out in the world. Still mine (it always will be), but now, it’s yours too, to make whatever meaning of it you will.

So, today, I woke up an official published author, and still (Really? How can that be?) I am all the other things I was yesterday, the day before, and the day before that (you get the idea…). But I’ll spare you, and me, a listing of what all those things are.

As a geologist and a writer, the metaphor that comes to mind is this—I feel like a new mineral in the rock of “me” has been revealed (With a swing of Will’s (No More Empty Spaces’ protagonist) rock hammer on the page? Or my pen?). Today, that mineral seems very sparkly, indeed, and I think I’ll simply let myself enjoy it, without working to identify it precisely. Perhaps another day, while searching for a truer truth, I’ll take my hand lens to it and try. But today, I’m going to hold it in my hand, and let it sparkle in the sun.

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  1. Serin


  2. Bambi Sterling

    Huge congratulations, Deb!

    I was able to purchase your novel from my local bookseller – The Bookworm of Edwards – a couple of weeks ago, and I am cherishing every word.

    You did this, through a long arduous process. You hung in there and you did this.

    Wow. I appreciate and admire you, and love your work and your accomplishment.


    Love and hugs,

  3. D. J. Green

    I remembered which author spoke of truer truths! So, thank you, Amy Wallen, who spoke at Bookworks in November 2023 about her craft book, How to Write a Novel in 20 Pies: Sweet and Savory Secrets for Surviving the Writing Life.

  4. Sharon Galkin

    So excited for you, Deb! Wishing you all the satisfaction you’ve dreamed of for so long and reams of positive feedback.

  5. Terri Lynn Ryan

    Congratulations Deb! Looking forward to a great read. Love, Terri-Lynn


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