Coming Soon to a Neighborhood (or EVERYWHERE! via Livestream) Near You!

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Finding the Words | 3 comments

What an exciting time for this debut author—and I get to share that excitement with readers across the country at author events.

We had the book launch for No More Empty Spaces at my local independent bookstore, Bookworks, last week and what fun it was. Now you can join the party as I travel to several states for the book events listed below between now and June.

And even if you aren’t in one of those cities, you can join me for the Tuesday, May 21 event at 6 PM Eastern at Malaprop’s Bookstore in Asheville, North Carolina via Livestream (it’s free, but you need to sign up to get the link to the event). Click below to get to the form to sign up:

I’d love to share this with you, in person or virtually! See you at a great bookstore near you (click on the links below, some of them ask you to sign up)! And scroll down for more fun—interviews with podcasters and bloggers, and pieces highlighting No More Empty Spaces. Did I mention I was excited? What’s exciting for you these days?



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  1. Holly Moxley

    I can’t wait to see you in Portland in May and I’m bringing friends!

  2. Serin

    Your event at Bookworks was amazing – fantastic readings, excellent Q&A, and so much enthusiasm for your book and seeing you! Your book events are not to be missed!! I’m sure all of the upcoming events will be equally engaging and encourage everyone in the area to go!

  3. Eric Hubbard

    Great job at Bookworks, and No More Empty Spaces is a great read! Go see Deb at your local bookstore, and buy her book!


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