Simple Joys

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Ground Work | 4 comments

I’m not sure why the simplest joys in my life, some very present and others in memory, are what I am reflecting on today, perhaps because there is so much that is complex and troubling to read and think about in the wider world right now. I often write of balancing thoughts and feelings—like connecting with gratitude for my personal and professional life, while acknowledging deep concern, even terror, for what is churning worldwide. And though these joys may be simple ones, some are, or were, not at all easy to come by. Feeling able to savor them is, indeed, a gift.

So here’s a partial list of simple joys I woke feeling the urge to scribble down this morning:

  • The love of the best dogs (well, they were MY best dogs)
  • Gazing upon the Sandia Mountains each morning the moment I open my eyes
  • All the time I get to spend in nature
  • Waking up healthy, if a bit more creaky than in my younger years, and still being able to touch my toes
  • Having a sturdy brace that allows me to continue backpacking despite a torn-up left knee
  • Birds (especially those that grace me with their presence, and songs, here in the desert and on the boat)
  • Swirling in self-doubt for a day, instead of a month or a year (thanks to insightful therapists)
  • Family who are friends and friends who are (chosen) family
  • Love, period

On this complicated day, what are some of your simple joys?

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  1. Kate Miller

    Thank you Deb for your thoughtfulness. What a brief and lovely example that what is of value and worthy of gratitude does not need to be war and peace.

  2. Scott Burns

    I love all of your simple joys! I agree with all of them! I would also add seeing a student’s face light up when they understand something new – it makes us educators really feel good! Cheers, Scott

  3. Sharon Galkin

    Today’s simple joys – each a miracle in its own right – include the stunning fall foliage, too quickly disappearing from the trees…my newest granddaughter’s adorable giggle…the hearty soup simmering on my stove…and, perhaps not as simple but a joy nonetheless, is seeing the many peace loving people of the world who are proudly standing up against evil. Hey, Deb, you asked 😉
    P.S. You are truly blessed to be surrounded by such awesome (a word I do not overuse) scenery. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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