Giving Thanks & Holding Hope

by | Nov 25, 2023 | Finding the Words | 6 comments

In the few quiet moments this week, I find myself

I was going to continue that sentence, but the pen in my hand simply hovered over the page, stopped by I don’t know what… And unlike me, I heeded the pause. Finally, I decided—a period after ‘myself’ was the best end to that sentence.


That was the message I needed to write—to me, for me. (And maybe for you too?)

I like to think I’m a generous person, and I also need to remember that I have more to give when I feel grounded, solid, and strong—in myself. That in this quiet moment those words unspooled on the page feels like a huge gift. And I am grateful for it. I hope I remember to carry it with me every single day.

So, I give thanks, for so much that is good in my life, and in the world. And I hold hope, because I choose to hope, rather than to despair, at least in this moment—for more good, for more love, for more peace—in myself, and in the world.

In whatever way you want, or need, to answer—WHERE/HOW DO YOU FIND YOURSELF?

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  1. Carolyn

    Thank you, dear Deb, for this. Period. Your gift came at a very good time, and I felt it settle in my core. In my self. From that place, I hope I can hope, and give, and honor. Peace be unto thee.

  2. CJ

    Thanks Deb. A strong message in a time of need. We join you in the Hope our world will find some peace… sooner than later. CJ and Kathy

  3. Jenn B.

    Magic happens when we make space for it. Here’s to making space for quiet moments.
    Much love!

  4. Kate Miller

    Thank you Deb. These are the moments to find space, really any open space to breathe and remind ourselves to give that gift. Your pen hovering over the page is such a powerful image. With gratitude.

  5. Jane Gill-Shaler

    I have a lot of quiet moments in my life now, taking care of my husband. I cherish them! Who knows how long they will continue?

  6. judi pringle

    Wishing you peace, my dearest friend


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