Finding the Words? I’ll Look for Them Later…

 In Finding the Words

I was going to write a post about procrastination today, but I decided to put it off.





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  • Garry Maurath

    Hey, I didn’t know you were going to write my autobiography.

  • Jennifer Select... Bauer

    Hahaha! Love it! Garry, I think she’s writing my autobiography too. 😉

  • Sara Eisenberg

    Love this, Deb! I went to ground a few months ago, taking a sabbatical from weekly blogging to do some inner work. Every once in a while a topic or a few words float through my mind…”that would make an interesting post.” And then it floats right on out!

  • Serin


  • Evey Jones

    Hi Deb,
    How lovely to read your words and they are words for me to live by, as well!
    As always, what’s really important surfaces…

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